How Did a Squirrel Get in My House?

Some people love to watch squirrels. They can be entertaining critters, chasing each other around trees, their bushy tails flicking up and down. Some people even place birdfeeders in their yards just to attract more squirrels, but this can be dangerous. Since squirrels will keep coming back for more, and may one day become brave enough to try to nest in your house.

Expert Invaders

Though you might think there is no harm in feeding squirrels, you should think again. Squirrels, unlike more shy animals like rabbits and foxes, quickly become acclimated to the presence of humans. Often, some will even come right up next to you to steal your food. Their bravery makes them especially likely to try to make their way inside your home.

Squirrels also have clever hands and strong teeth, which helps them pry open spaces or even make their own holes to get inside. As proficient climbers, they will often target the attic. They climb up trees, scurry across branches that extend out over or near your house, and then leap onto the roof. Once there, they will try to find a weak point in the exterior to access the inside. This will often be a gap in the gutters, soffits, trim, or vents. If there isn’t a space large enough they can fit through, they can chew holes in the corners of the roof.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels frequently invade homes in the late winter and spring because they find attics to be a great place to birth and rear young. This means that if one squirrel makes it inside, you could have a few more in a matter of days. This makes removal especially tricky because it can be difficult to locate the nest as well as trap the mother with her babies.

If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to call Critter Control® of Miami. We will rid your home of any squirrels in the safest way for both you and the animals. There are many careless trappers out there who will end up killing the young squirrels or even adult ones with their negligent methods. We know how to trap and handle the animals humanely, giving the mother and young the best chance of thriving later back in the wild. If you have more questions about our squirrel removal, we can give you a free initial inspection if you call 305-258-3587!