Professional Bed Bug Extermination, Control & Removal

Nobody likes having insects in their home. Some are worse than others though and among the worst pests you can have is Bed Bugs. These tiny insects are very difficult to detect and even more difficult to get rid of. They feast on your blood at night leaving itchy red sores on your body and then hide all day. Ridding your life of these parasites is a job for professional bed bug exterminators.

If Bed Bugs have invaded your home your best bet is to hire a professional bed bug exterminator. We offer free inspections and consultations, expert treatment of your problem areas and follow up visits to make certain your home is pest-free.

You might be wondering how you got bed bugs in the first place. The most common way to get bed bugs is from guests who unknowingly carry the little critters into your home in their clothing or luggage. Another common way to get bed bugs is from used items such as clothing or furniture that had the bugs before you brought it into your home. And finally, people often get bed bugs when they travel. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of from hotels because they can travel from room to room looking for their next host.

If you think you have bed bugs call us. We’ll come out and do a complete inspection of your home and provide you with a detailed plan to get rid of the parasites. With Critter Control there is never a charge for inspections and our technicians are all well trained and certified.
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