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Roof Rats

Rat Removal and Control

Rats are one of the most common nuisance wildlife issues Critter Control faces nation-wide. The Roof Rat lives anywhere humans live. If you hear scratching or scurrying about in your walls or attic there’s a very good chance you have a rat invasion.

Roof rats got their name because of their tendency to make their nests in high places above ground. Once they have entered your home, they will make their way to the attic, wall spaces and above your ceiling.

It is highly recommended to never poison rats that have invaded your home as doing so will most likely trade one problem with another one. Poisoned rats will find a safe space, deep inside your walls or attic to curl up and die. Their carcass will smell terrible as the rot and decompose. You could also be killing mothers, leaving their babies to die.

Rats are a danger to humans and their pets. They spread disease through their urine and feces and the fleas that have bitten them can then bite you. Their immediate removal from your home is required. Call Critter Control and we’ll prepare a plan to:

  • Remove the rats from your home
  • disinfect and clean-up damage they caused
  • replace any ruined attic insulation
  • repair any wiring, ducts or structure that has been damaged
  • seal up all entry points to keep them out.

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