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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are among nature’s cutest mammals. They are easily identified by their masked face and fluffy grey and brown bodies.

They are a familiar site because they will eat almost anything. From the water, they eat frogs, small fish, and crawfish and from the land, they will eat bugs, mice and even raid bird’s nests for their eggs. Often they will figure out how to open garbage cans to get whatever scraps they can find.

Raccoons will gorge themselves all summer long and rest in their dens in the winter. They will produce up to 7 cubs or kits usually in late fall.

Raccoons will make their nests in fallen trees, in heavy brush and sometimes even in your attic. When this happens it’s important to contact Critter Control to humanely remove the raccoons. They make a big mess in a short amount of time. We will clean up and disinfect the soiled areas, replace any damaged insulation, and seal up all entry points they used to gain entrance to your home.

Raccoons love to swim and there are not many things cuter than a raccoon swimming in your pool. However, this is a dangerous situation. Your beautiful, pristine pool is no place for raccoon feces and urine. In these cases, Critter Control will set traps and safely relocate the wildlife.

If you suspect you have Raccoons invading your living spaces, call Critter Control today to schedule a free inspection 772-462-0602