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Mice Removal & Control

The Florida Mouse the only species of mice that is regularly found in Florida. They are also known as the gopher mouse, big-eared mouse, and deer mouse. The Florida Mouse makes its home in pine forests, sandhills and in coastal scrub and can sometimes make its nest inside your home.

Mice breed quickly. They raise 2 or 3 pups per litter and have many litters per year.

The Florida Mouse is an omnivore. It grows to over 7” in length and is easily identified by its very large ears. A Florida Mouse has a white belly and brownish-orange backs.

Once inside your home, mice can do a lot of damage in a very short time. They will chew pretty much anything. Mice cause many millions of dollars each year by the fires they start chewing electrical wires.

If you suspect you have mice inside your home, call Critter Control to schedule a free inspection. We’ll discuss a plan with you that includes

  • Repairing any infrastructure damage including walls, electrical wires, wooden trusses, and floorboards.
  • Removing damaged insulation and replacing
  • Excluding them from food storage areas
  • Disinfecting and cleaning up urine and feces infected areas
  • Sealing up all areas of entry on the exterior of your home.

Call Critter Control at 772-238-7984 to schedule a free inspection from a wildlife removal technician.