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Bat Removal

Bat Removal Services

Bats are among the world’s most valuable species. Because of the huge number of insects, they eat. Farmers love them because they can use less pesticides on their crops. In the tropics, bats spread seeds and pollinate flowers and people love them because a single bat can eat as many as 5000 mosquitos in a single night.

This love affair with bats ends though when they have invaded your home. Bats can roost in crawl spaces, attics and even underneath some types of roof tiles. When this happens it’s time to call a professional to safely and humanely remove the bats from your home.

Bats can make a mess of your attic in a hurry. It’s important that you address the problem as soon as you suspect you have a bat colony living in your home. Call Critter Control of Treasure Coast and we’ll have a certified wildlife Specialist on-site often on the same day. We’ll provide a free Bat Removal inspection and consultation. We’ll discuss and lay out a plan for

  • Removing the bats from your home
  • cleaning up and disinfecting soiled areas
  • repairing damage to insulation and structural areas of the home
  • sealing up and excluding bats from ever entering your home again.

Our work is guaranteed. We are licensed and insured and stand ready to assist you with all your bat removal problems.

Critter Control offers free inspections, call us at 772-238-7984 and we’ll be right out.